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The Therapist Directory of San Diego is San Diego's premier local online publication of psychotherapists. The website is listed on major search engines currently receiving over 15,000 visits per month! The 2013-2014 online edition was published in May 2013.

The next edition of the online directory will be updated at the end of May 2014. You can be added to the website for a pro-rated amount at any time throughout the year.

Therapists have built their practice by advertising in the directory!

Advertising in The Therapist Directory of San Diego is a way to...
let people know about you and the services that you offer...
attract the type of clients with whom you like to work...
expand your practice without participating on insurance panels.

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FIRST 3 MONTHS FREE ($105 discount)

Also, a guarantee to make your money back or get a second year FREE on the website.


            • Your ad on own page on the website 
            • Can be picked up separately on search engines 
            • Can be used as your website address 
            • Can link to your homepage or e-mail address
            • Can post an article for additional free advertising

Click here to print out therapist ad forms to be added to the website for a pro-rated amount.

Online Directory
A standard website ad includes 200 words plus a color photo and four specialties. The charge for a larger ad is $1/word over 200. One primary specialty plus three secondary specialties are listed on the side column of your ad. In a separate section of the directory, your name appears under each of the specialties you selected. You may be listed under more than four specialties for an additional charge of $15 each. An additional link is $20 each and an additional photo or logo is $10 each. On the website, there are different ways of being listed such as by credential plus an additional option of posting an article. The content of the ad is entirely up to you. Feel free to use boldface, italics, bullets, etc.  You can present it in the first-person or the third-person.  You might want to talk about your experience, your approach, the focus of your practice, or your view of therapy. There is a separate therapy/support group listing available that is included on a separate page on the website.

The material needed for your ad includes:  The ad copy saved as an MSWord or text file and saved on a disk or sent via e-mail, a hard copy of a color or black-and-white photo or the photo saved as a 300 dpi tif  or jpg file either on disk or sent via e-mail, a completed order form, advertising contract, and payment.

Editor and Photographer Services
If you’d like help with your ad, I would be happy to offer suggestions and give feedback. For a photo, I highly recommend the photographer, Ken Randall, at 619-206-8236. He offers a sitting with 30 poses from which to choose and a CD for $95. Many therapists in the directory have used him.

Ad Submission
Please submit ad materials along with the order form, advertising contract, payment of the total advertising fee. We take care of designing the ad to fit into our format.

Annual Rates
Website 200-word ad
Website article

  Therapy/Support Group listing 
1 payment of $420 (pro-rated at $35/mth)
Free with ad
1 payment of $75 ($40 w/ad)

Click here to print out therapist ad forms to be added to the website for a pro-rated amount.

Please call (858) 354-0970 for more information or E-mail Here.

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